The Power of Music

Have you ever been asked if you had to lose one of your senses which one could you not be without?  I can answer if without hesitation; my hearing.  I simply couldn’t be without it – having had a few ear infections I know how miserable I am without it.

The past few weeks of lamentation were hellish for me, I struggled to snap out of it, however I have managed to push away the darkness & soldier on through the tirade of bullshit that can be my life…..a break from it would be nice, but that’s a different blog ENTIRELY!

Music is in my soul. Music is the lifeblood.  Without it, I cease to be who I am. Need to be motivated? I have a song for that. Bad mood? Got a song for that too. Angry? I know a good song for it. Wanna dance? Yep, got a song for that too.

It’s not about ignoring people. It’s not about being an introvert in an extrovert’s world. It’s about the music filling my head with the melody, instilling whatever mood I need to be in/get out of within the opening seconds of the track.

I only ever train without my bluetooth headphones if I am with Andy, otherwise they’re paired & switched on before I’m even ready to lift.  Without them, my sessions are completely different.


The Rock gets it.  It’s a deep concern; I need to be in a certain mindset to lift that heavy “whatever”it may be & there’s some whiny, tinny beep bop screeching through the gym’s sound system.  Erghhh.  I still go & train, but it’s usually through gritted teeth, a sense of forlorn hanging over me for my forgotten compadre.

Not been to the gym for a week, meant I didn’t listen to music as often – I believe this tantamount to my mood lull.  No tunes & all work makes Jack a dull boy….or girl ;P

Music is life. It helps me to be who I am, or what I need to do.  I listen to a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge range of music, however some genres are out of bounds as I consider them to be noise & not my “jam” although, I know a fair few people consider a lot of my choices to sound like my speakers are broken, or that I am in fact; deaf already.



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