Goals, Gains & Personal Bests


Apparently, one day I’ll get used to DOMS, today is not that day & neither was yesterday.  Due to my extreme fatigue I’d not stepped foot in the gym for a whole 7 days.  Ooops.  Anyhoo, let’s not dwell on who did or didn’t do their planks….

Monday I visited Occupational Health about getting some level of support at work, my back will never be the way it used to be & standing or sitting on an uncomfortable chair isn’t going to help.  The Doctor I saw was happy with my efforts in the gym though 😀

Tuesday I was back in the gym; my PT has put together a new programme for me – kicked up what feels like 1,000 notches compared to how I was training.  Lots & lots of bar bell squats, chest presses and sit ups…it doesn’t sound like a lot but my hamstrings have yet to stop screaming at me when I move!  Wednesday was pretty much the same, only I added 12 miles on the bike as well.

I’m sleepy – like wanting to go to bed at half ten; which isn’t like me however, I sleep really fucking well! I don’t feel drained like I did last week, I’ve increased my protein intake & reduced my carbs.

The goal for now is to move from dumbbells to bar bell for chest presses, as well as being able to do pull-ups…..so intensity levels have gone up.  I ache, so much but I occasionally remember the way I was a few months ago & I welcome the ache I have now, compared to the pain I used to have.

I’ll leave you with the fact I got a PB yesterday…s’bin a while since I noticed the weights on the machines changing.  100kg leg press, 1 set of 20 reps.  I thought I wasn’t gonna make it past 12 – my PT said to do 15, when I got to 15 he said do another 5.  I almost gave up, I had little pauses instead of going straight back in – but I did it!  When I started training I struggled to move HALF that weight.


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