Go Past Exhaustion, Moving Straight to Languid For -100 Points

Hoo boy!  This week has been tough!! I don’t mean in a training sense either.  I’ve had some of the worst fatigue I’ve ever experienced this week, I’d like to be able to say it’s because I’e worked hard in the gym, increased my cycling or something along those lines….unfortunately; it isn’t.  I cannot identify where the issue has arisen.  I worked out from home on Monday because the weather was inclement – I promised to not cycle in harsh weather.  I trained with my PT on Tuesday & then for the rest of the week I have struggled to get out of bed, sleeping through my alarms & falling asleep on the sofa by 9pm.

It took a few days before I realised that something was off.  I’ve had a decent amount of energy up until recently, I can’t put my finger on what has changed….unless it’s because I haven’t been on the bike as much recently because it’s just been too heinous to cycle.  I was gonna pop vitamin B12 like smarties for a few days to see if I have an improvement but that’s probably not gonna help long term.  I started going to bed a little earlier and getting closer to 7-8 hours kip an evening instead of my normal 5-6, I know 5 hours isn’t enough so could my lack of sleep for months & months now be the issue?  Have I programmed myself to live on less sleep?  I know it can have a detrimental effect long-term though & don’t particularly want to damage my health.

I told my PT, so he’s asked for a food diary again.  I was gonna add it to My Fitness Pal, but for today I just made a note on my phone.  I know I mention food a lot on here, but here is what I’ve eaten today:

Breakfast: 1 bacon roll

Lunch: sesame chicken & noodle salad (salad was lettuce, mixed peppers, edamame beans, peas, carrots & spring onions.

Dinner: 1/4 chicken, bacon & some boiled new potatoes

Snacks: Chicken Samosa, Peanut Butter Milkshake, 2 teaspoons of peanut butter ice-cream

Yeah, not the best start to another food diary.  In my defense 😛 I’ve not had milkshake or ice-cream for months.  This week I *know* I’ve been lacking veggies. Mostly opting for protein with small amounts of carb. I’ve not really prepared my lunches for work either….so it’s probably my food that is causing an issue.  We’ll see how this next week pans out!  Watch this space!!

**I apologise to my friends who may be reading this that have newborns.  I’m not that tired!**


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