This Girl Can

Did you know approximately 2 million less women regularly work out compared to men?  Sport England have a campaign running at the minute to get more women involved in a sport.

I like this. I enjoyed sports when I was younger.  I got older, started smoking, partying & generally being lazy.  When I first attempted some sort of fitness regime, I went to an all ladies gym; I’m not entirely sure why.  Maybe I was more comfortable around women, less intimated. I don’t know.  I do know I thought I’d feel silly in a mixed gym.


My thought process changed, obviously.  However, if I felt like that, then how many other women do?  That’s partly the point of the campaign; there is no need to feel silly. Yeah, you may look it from time, to time. Everyone’s gotta learn, right??

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One response to “This Girl Can

  • swansxx

    I use to feel silly because i was worried i wasn’t doing things right or i was being judged! But i actually felt i was getting more judged in the lady section of the gym than the main gym (the gym i went to had two sections). I accept i may not do things perfect but i get points for trying!!!


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