Frustration Much?



My left arm has been the source of my frustration for months, despite my Trainer telling me it’s stronger than it was, it still pisses me off that I can lift with my right arm easier than I can with my right.  However, progress was made the other day as we, through a few different exercises figured out which muscle it is in my arm that is causing the issue!  That’s something right? Oh, it’s the Medial Head part of my tricep as far as I know, that is the constant source of my frustration.

Why am I telling you this? Well, because training IS frustrating & it’s a constant battle of the mind about not progressing – I have progressed!  I’m a lot stronger than I was (I’m doing an in-depth progression post later) however, despite going to the gym quite regularly I am no where near where I want to be, and if you let it…it will eat you alive and you could lose the drive to progress due to not seeing results overnight.


So, frustration.  I actually laugh or giggle when I’m doing something that is frustrating me due to the limitations of the current state of my muscles; if I didn’t laugh I’d probably scream or swear a lot more than I do.

I had minute rests between sets, because if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have got as much done- but it gave my PT & I some chatting time.  We discussed frustration, goals, reality and then it went back to bickering.  However, thinking about all we had spoke about something clicked – it was all the “mind over matter”, “you can do anything you set your mind to” and so on…..these motivational mumbo jumbo things are REAL! I know right!?  I couldn’t quite believe it, but alas, my loathing for fitspo posts might be misconstrued after all.

I’ve not given up because my left arm is weaker – I’m annoyed that my left arm is weaker, it’s stopping me from progressing at the minute & I’m not gonna let it beat me. I could’ve given up months ago; when my all was telling me there was no point because I couldn’t see a difference, I didn’t feel different – I carried on.  I’m gonna carry on, I have an image in my head that I’m aiming for & I’ll be damned if a little muscle in my arm is gonna hold me back!




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