Fooooood, Glorious Food!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, nom nom nom.  Food.  The art of taking raw produce, whacking some voodoo mumbo jumbo on that shit & making it taste like it was crafted for God himself!


I’ve never been a great cook, sometimes a good one, but never a master.  My other half thoroughly enjoys cooking; he can make things taste positively exciting.  Your taste-buds sing after eating his food. My skill level when I met him was pierce film lid, microwave for 5 minutes. He’s helped me see the error of my ways, but I’ll never be able to treat food the way he does.

What I have found though, since being given a food plan from my PT I’m more aware of what I’m eating.  I had/have terrible eating habits that I’m not willing to discuss, just know it makes eating a struggle sometimes. Now though I am thinking about what to eat, even eating my lunch I now start to think about what to have for dinner.

I’m not a great food expert now, I still struggle.  I’ve got My Fitness Pal installed on my phone so I can keep a rough idea of how much I’m eating – it pairs with my smartband too, so that also knows how many calories I’ve been through & adjusts my TDEE for the day. (Did I mention I worked with Smart Tech all day, every day?)

So, my average day for those of you interested:

Breakfast: Porridge with protein or Greek Yoghurt with dried fruit

Lunch: Eggs, in some shape: scrambled, omelette, boiled. Ham, or Bacon. Cashews or jacket potato or wrap eggs, meat, salad inside.

Dinner: chicken, soba noodles, oriental veggies or beef & broccoli, or quinoa, cous-cous and pork/chicken or steak & eggs.

2015-01-02 20.07.04

Teriyake chicken with chilli & onions and cauliflour “rice”

2014-12-23 23.21.40

Frittata with courgette, spring onion & pancetta

During the day I may have a banana, some cashews/peanuts or there’s usually some left over veg so I’ll eat that. On training/cardio days a protein shake or two is added – usually with a generous serving of peanut butter in it too.

It still concerns me about not eating enough, hunger pangs, sudden bouts of tiredness make me jump for something to eat; anything – but it’s usually some peanuts, a boiled egg or leftovers from dinner.  Cycling boosts how much I need to eat by a scary amount of calories; that’s probably my biggest concern.

I do cheat, there are days where I’ll eat something dirty & full of sugar.  I live for those days! Hahahaaa.  They don’t come around all too often any more though, this training thing gets stuck under your skin & you start to question EVERYTHING.

Have I had enough water today?

If I eat that how will I feel afterwards?

Do you really wanna eat that?

But the point is, one cheat isn’t going to ruin progress – I know not everyone works that way & have to be a lot more restrictive.

When I first started training I was missing my occasional sugary nom, so Google & I took a trip down nommy-but-packed-with-protein-and-ok-to-eat lane & happen upon a few delicious treats – I made one the other day, oats, honey/agave and peanut butter.  Smoosh it all together & let it set in the fridge, then cut bits off 🙂  NOM!

I think I’m rambling now though.  So, yeah. Food!  S’Gooooooooooood!


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