OMG! You’re So Inspirational!!

**Just a quick note, this has taken me the better part of three days to write**

Mmmmmmmmmm.  Inspirational.


When I hear that word I think of Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Pope Francis.  You know? The greats that have influenced change in the world.

Not me.

I don’t see it.  Am I humble? Perhaps. Some may think I’m wrong.  That’s ok too.  I’ve searched the web, asked some friends & gained a little insight about inspiration; who knows.  I might convince myself by the time I reach the end of this post!

Inspiration; in its most layman sense is seeing something that drives you to want to do it yourself.  I’ve been told I’m inspiring, that I’ve made others want to change their lifestyle because of what I do, that because of me they want to lift and that’s great!

I know my trainer uses my transformation to help motivate others; which is still surreal to me.  Maybe I’m modest? I don’t wanna push my love of training on to others, so maybe I’m not wanting to accept that some people really are inspired by what I’m doing. Maybe it’s a mind thing? (before I started going to the gym regularly, the “fitspo” posts drove me mental. A lot of motivation/inspiration quotes still rub me the wrong way….that’s for another post!)

So, a perfect example of fitness inspiration:

“My brother-in-law has a spinal injury caused over in Afghanistan after an explosion he was left with 2 crushed disks and 3 slipped disks, Physio didn’t work for him and they wouldn’t operate as the risk and damage was too much, he’s now in training for mid July to complete a 30 mile bike ride and his spine and nerve damage seems to be improving with his training. We are talking gone from not being able to walk without aid down the hall way to being able to ride 10-12 miles a day.. The change is amazing…. Made me want to challenge myself.”

Is that like me?  No.  Am I an inspiration? Well, I didn’t think so.  I visited a friend this morning & she reminded me where I was last year, pain & level of activity wise I am now a different person.  I am that way because I chose to change, so if people know my history & that prompts them to want to better themselves, the so be it.  I’m no where near the level of inspirational greatness, but if one person decides to strive for a better way of life because of me, then I guess I’ll accept the fact I can be inspirational.

It’s still odd though!!

I’ll leave you with an image that is inspirational to me:



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