Wait, this is called WHAT?!

I thought instead of my first post being all about me, I’d add a little about page instead so those who want to read it can.  It’s not in great detail, but I think it’s enough.

So, why “Stop Bein’ A Pussy”? Well, that was thanks to my wonderful hubby; who has said it to me for all variations of what life can throw at us.  My Trainer told me to not be a fanny one day when I had to do something new & I told him what my other half says to me; and now he does too.  It makes me chuckle; which is sometimes inappropriate maybe, but it also reminds me to get on with what I’m doing & why I’m in the gym.  He says it to me at least once a session too, so I must have a long way to go before I stop bein’ a pussy!


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